Sunday, June 26, 2016


This is all starting to make super sense!!

Murdoch is the king maker, having backed Thatcher and Blair.

Murdoch is supporting Trump, the two having had several secret meetings and conversations. And as Trump stated 2 weeks ago, Murdoch's Fox News is the only media who Trump thinks is reporting on him fairly.

And then there is Dodgy Roger Stone. Stone got W Bush into the White House in 2000 by organising a riot to stop a recount. Then a Fox News correspondent called Florida for Bush, and the rest of the media accepted the call, and W got in. Once in The White House, W was surrounded by the PNACers salivating and waiting for 9/11 and all those lovely, lovely Ziowars...

And it was Stone who scuttled Eliot Spitzer's investigation into Wall Street, which allowed their corrupt practices to continue until the inevitable collapse and crisis, which most of us are still paying for throuh bailouts and austerity.

And who is that organisation mentioned at the top of the video? Infowars? Who are they? Never heard of 'em.

So why would Murdoch be working to get Trump in?

Trump loves Israel, wants to beef up the already beefed up US military (I believe with a $1 trillion a year budget), and then with that US military threaten Iran...which was the aim of PNAC!!

I hope you can now all see where this is going.

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