Monday, June 27, 2016


How many secret meetings does Rupert Murdoch have?

Murdoch met Nigel Farage in secret several times, and then pushed UKIP, which forced Cameron into the EU referendum last week.

Yesterday I found out that Murdoch has been meeting and speaking with Donald Trump in secret, and even dined with him over the weekend (along with Trump's finance manager).

But look who else Murdoch met with in secret several times: Boris Johnson!!
Rupert Murdoch invited Boris Johnson to a private dinner at his Mayfair home on a recent visit by the tycoon to London, the latest sign of growing intimacy between the media mogul recovering from the phone-hacking storm and the mayor of London – seen as a long-term rival to David Cameron.

[source : Boris Johnson and Rupert Murdoch have another private meeting, The Guardian,, 26th January 2013]

Has Rupert Murdoch had clandestine meetings and discussions with:
1. Jeremy Corbyn?
2. Dianne Abbot?
3. Michael Gove?

We need to find out who Murdoch has been meeting in secret, and why, and what was discussed.

This is a bit too much...

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