Sunday, June 26, 2016



I promised this a few weeks ago.

If we went off Infowhores, Donald Trump has a halo above his head, wears a white robe, floats on a little cloud strumming a little harp and will save us from this entity some call The New World Order.

And if we went off the mainstream media, Trump is a racist, misogynist, possible rapist and clown.

But here is the Naked Trump.

Donald Trump, the 'anti-establishment' candidate:
1. is the product of the CIA/FBI/mob/military-industrial-complex network that assassinated JFK and RFK;
2. had a "greatest friend" called Roy Cohn who was not only his lawyer and fixer, but who was also the consiglieri for the New York Mafia, and who also procured children for a CIA satanic cult and for a paedophile entrapment ring to collect blackmail material for the CIA;
3. bought the CIA/mob money-laundering outfit Resorts International, which was actually the remnants of Permindex, on the board of which sat Roy Cohn, and which is also implicated in several very high profile assassinations, including that of JFK;
4. loves Israel and Netanyahu, even after they committed gross infanticide in 2014, and would support Israeli land grabs in The West Bank;
5. wants to beef up the US military even more to support Israel in its war on the Palestinians, and also rip up the P5+1 deal and threaten Iran;
6. has held several clandestine talks with establishment king-maker Rupert Murdoch (who also held several clandestine talks with UKIP Nigel Farage and promoted UKIP to provoke the EU referendum);
7. has a campaign now run by a CIA agent Paul Manafort, who ran PR campaigns for brutal dictators installed by CIA/MI6-run revolutions;
8. is promoted by an 'anti-establishment' conspiracy theorist Alex Jones who has attended "blood-drinking rituals of the dark side", whose family is riddled with CIA agents, and whose older family were colonels and generals in The Confederate Army, which would also explain why he pushes the lie that the US Civil War was about a tariff when all primary documents and personnel from that time state that the war was about the Confederacy preserving the institution of slavery;
9. employed Dodgy Roger Stone, whose hero is the aforementioned child-procurer Roy Cohn, who now appears frequently on Alex Jones' show, but before this Stone had enabled the wars since 9/11 by organising a riot to stop a recount in Florida which led to George W Bush living in the White House for 8 years and PNAC driving W into fighting their wars that they had planned for years, and Stone also scuttled Eliot Spitzer's investigation into Wall Street's corrupt practices which facilitated the financial crisis of 2007/8 and the subsequent global austerity (so if you are wondering why your children are crying with hunger, thank Dodgy Roger Stone);
10. refuses to release his tax returns when it is customary for Presidential candidates to do so, and has admitted to some mild mental health problems but has not released his medical records;
11. lies that he opposed the wars on Iraq and Libya when before and as those wars started he fully supported them, demanding that the USA "grab the oil", and only began to 'oppose' them when the wars turned out bad;
12. rants against 'unfair' trade deals that he claims are biased against the USA, but at every opportunity he, and his family, have decided not to use good ol' American labour but use cheap foreign sweatshop labour in his favourite nations, China and Mexico!

Oh. And Trump also wants to shag his daughter, Ivanka!

This is only a brief resume of Trump.

More details to follow.

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