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The EU referendum last Thursday was provoked by the rise and rise of the United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP). Many Tories were concerned over immigration and threatened to vote for UKIP in the General Election in 2015. To bribe those voters into remaining with the Tories, David Cameron promised a referendum on EU membership.

But how did UKIP come to be so powerful?

In order to be successful in politics you need media exposure, lots of it, and preferably positive.

In March 2013, Bilderberger Rupert Murdoch met with the leader of UKIP, Nigel Farage.

According to the BBC:
The two men had dinner in Mr Murdoch's London flat on Tuesday.

Mr Farage said Mr Murdoch was a "remarkable bloke" but would not comment on what they had discussed.

[source : Murdoch 'interested in' UKIP says Farage after dinner meeting, BBC,, 8th March 2013]

Neither would say what they talked about.

But the following year, Farage apparently 'bumped into' Murdoch at News Corp's offices in New York.
According to Breitbart London, the meeting of minds came after Mr Farage finished up recording his appearance on Fox’s Sean Hannity and Neil Cavuto shows, within the News Corp building in Manhattan.

In a sequence of events that has been confirmed to The Independent by a Ukip spokesman, Mr Cavuto, during an ad break, leant in to Mr Farage and said “Sir… The boss wants to see you. The big boss”.

Mr Farage then went upstairs to chat with Fox’s owner, Mr Murdoch – a press baron previously credited with helping to sway elections by throwing the weight of his media empire behind his chosen political party.

Confirming the meeting, a Ukip spokesman said: “Yes, it did take place and it was a purely private conversation between the two.”

[source : Nigel Farage and Rupert Murdoch: Britain's biggest Eurosceptic and its most powerful media mogul have private meeting, The Independent, 5th September 2014]

So now we have two private meetings between Farage and Murdoch, and nobody knows what they discussed.

These meetings coincided with Farage receiving positive coverage on Murdoch media and the largest rise in UKIP's membership numbers.

So why would Murdoch be trying to use his media to influence the referendum?
I once asked Rupert Murdoch why he was so opposed to the European Union. “That’s easy,” he replied. “When I go into Downing Street they do what I say; when I go to Brussels they take no notice.”

[source : Anthony Hilton: Stay or go - the lack of solid facts means it’s all a leap of faith, Evening Standard, 25th February 2016]

And if you recall, it was The Sun who first reported that The Queen supported Brexit in March, for which The Sun was censured over the headline but not the actual allegation, and for which The Queen has not prosecuted The Sun for making stuff up. Murdoch is an ancient Bilderberger, so there is the potential that Brexit was desired by some within Bilderberg.

But why?

Well, as mentioned earlier, about the same time that Murdoch began to show interest in UKIP, the EU began to make moves to make the shadow banking system that had caused the financial crisis in 2007/8 much more regulated and transparent.


We have to ask, why would The Queen want a Brexit and use The Sun and Daily Telegraph to express those views?

Was the EU going in the wrong direction for the likes of the British Empah?

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