Wednesday, August 03, 2016


Trump is not the one.

I wish he was.

He must start to expose The Federal Reserve system now, tonight, whenever he is on the telly...or it's gone.

He's got to stop saying he will make America great again and expose the Federal Reserve system.

But in my opinion:
1. he would easily go to war for Israel, but not so fast for NATO;
2. he could use nukes in the Middle East;
3. he and his daughter have had every opportunity to use good 'ol 'Murican labour but they have used cheap foreign sweatshop labour instead...and in the countries he rants about, like China and Mexico!;
4. he is the product of the extreme Rightist CIA/Zionist/mob network that assassinates presidents of the USA, and could easily be being blackmailed or be blackmailed at a future time.

Trump must now focus on exposing the Federal Reserve system at every opportunity.

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