Tuesday, August 09, 2016


Here is an interesting article on Fox News and how it helped to swing the US Presidential election result. The article is based on statistical analysis, and does not, repeat NOT, reference the skullduggery of Fox News calling Florida for Bush when there was no evidence, and nor does it reference the Rightist Globalist fixer Dodgy Roger Stone and his Brooks Brothers Riot that stopped a recount in Florida and helped to get Bush into the White House.

...Rupert Murdoch introduced the 24-hour Fox News Channel in October 1996 to compete with CNN. Like CNN, it was offered only via cable and, to a smaller extent, via satellite. Thanks to an aggressive marketing campaign, a number of cable companies added Fox News to their programming over the next four years. That geographical expansion was accompanied by a corresponding increase in the audience share. By June 2000, 17.3 percent of the U.S. population reported watching Fox News regularly.

...Since Fox News was available in about 35 percent of households in 2000, its impact on the national two-party vote share that year is estimated to be 0.15 to 0.2 percentage points, or 200,000 votes nation-wide. While this vote shift is small compared to the actual 3.5 percentage point shift in the authors' sample between 1996 and 2000, it is still likely to have been decisive in the close 2000 presidential elections.

The authors also point out that their results have implications for policy, such as for the regulation of media concentration. If media bias alters voting behavior, then deregulation of media markets may have a large impact on political outcomes.

[source : Media Bias and Voting, National Bureau of Economic Research, http://www.nber.org/digest/oct06/w12169.html, accessed 9th August 2016]

So Murdoch bankrolls William Kristol's Weekly Standard in 1995.

Then Murdoch started Fox News in 1996.

In 1997 Kristol co-founds PNAC.

Have you noticed that Murdoch's Fox News now supports Trump like it did W in 2000?

And that Kristol and indeed Bilderberg have failed to stop Trump being nominated?

All I'm saying is, until Fox News stops supporting Trump he is the extreme Rightist Globalist candidate.

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