Sunday, August 07, 2016


Donald Trump didn't write The Art of the Deal. His ghostwriter Tony Schwartz did (read Schwartz's twitter here).

I just read this pamphlet:

Besides a description of Melania's early family life as the only Communists in the village, and details on which members of his family have had plastic surgery and on which parts of their body, and what is actually on Donald's head, there is what is said to to be the truth about how Donald met Melania.

Basically, they met through a 'matchmaker' after Donald became bored with his then wife Marla (who he was still married to at the time), but Melania couldn't get a visa because she wasn't a supermodel, so Donald paid off some photographers, etc to make Melania a model respected enough so she could get a visa, and then a fake introduction at the Kit Kat Club was arranged so that there would plenty of eyewitnesses to say that they were there when the two 'first' met.

This kinda makes some sense. Last week the New York Post published some nude photos of Melania which were taken before she 'met' Donald. Those photos were not could be called high class fashion photos that would grant her a visa, and they were more lesbian erotica.

So read for yourself: From The Whore House To The White House: The True Story of Melania.

£3 on Amazon Kindle.

If true, it just adds to the plastic image of Donald: a fake man who cannot be trusted.

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