Saturday, August 06, 2016


The more Infowhores push Trump, the more they become a freak show.

Trump's greatest friend, Roy Cohn, procured children for the CIA to abuse. Cohn was also the consiglieri for the New York Mafia.

Now, I am 1000% sure that if Bernie Sanders had such a friend then they would make a devastating report about it. But because it is Trump? Meh...

Cohn sat on the board of Permindex, which assassinated JFK and tried to assassinate de Gaulle. Permindex became Intertel, which was bought by CIA/mob money-laundering outfit Resorts International, which was bought in 1987 by...Donald J Trump (they call it keeping it in the family, I think).

So Cohn was right in that deep, dark, sleazy interface between the satanic CIA and the mob.

But Trumpists could say, "But that was years ago. That was then. This is now."

Yes, that is true.

But it doesn't look good.

And once you are in that deep, dark CIA/mob network, it is very hard to get out of it...that is, if you want to...

Trump's fortune (if he has one) was built on gambling and strip clubs.

Trump wants to destabilise the Middle East even further by drastically increasing the US military budget, placing that military at the disposal of Israel, and then rip up the P5+1 deal with Iran, who he thinks is the aggressor yet it was Israel and Saudi Arabia who did 9/11 and who unleashed the worst cutthroat Jihadis onto Libya, Syria and Iraq and wish to see Iran destroyed.

This is why I say: neither Clinton nor Trump.

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