Saturday, August 06, 2016


Well, what do you expect from Infowhores nowadays?

They are now whining that Trump is being battered by The Washington Post.

Yet they refuse to publish anything about Trump's "greatest friend" Roy Cohn, even though Cohn has admitted that he procured children for the CIA to abuse, and covered up the murder of three boys.

Now, if Sanders had such a friend, we would never hear the last of it.

But because The Washington Post is bashing their precious Trump (who wants to shag his own daughter)?

Infowhores are in an infowar, and it is not to spread the truth. Their campaign is to decide what the American people should know, claiming that what they say is the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, when all that they say is extreme rightist propaganda.

They claim Andrew Jackson was, like Trump, a saviour of the people. The truth is that Jackson was a slaveholding, backstabbing traitor who gave the Rothschilds their big break by appointing them agents for the United States in Europe.

They claim that the US civil war was about a tariff when all primary documents and personnel at the time stated that the war was about the south protecting their use of negro slavery. And this makes sense because Alex Jones' ancestors were colonels and generals in the Confederate Army, so he is trying to make their bloodsoaked cause a noble one by claiming that the war was about a tariff when everyone else, except Libertarians, says the war was about protecting slavery.

They claim that Trump is our saviour, but they refuse to reveal the true background of Trump (Cohn, mob) and Roger Stone (who fraudlulently got W into the White House so we could have all those loverly wars after 9/11, and scuttled Spitzer's investigation into Wall Street so we now, nearly 10 years later, suffer austerity after those banks that Stone saved were bailed out while we weren't).

And not forgetting that half of Jones' family is CIA, which explains why he has been able to hijack 'the resistance' while not being assassinated, unlike William Cooper and many others who have dared to reveal 'the truth'.

If the world knew that Trump's greatest friend, Roy Cohn, admitted to procuring children for the CIA to abuse, what do you think would happen?

And why do you think Infowhores are keeping very curiously silent about this when Alex Jones is infamous being a motormouth?

Both Infowhores and the mainstream media are protecting Cohn when if the true Cohn-Trump relationship was exposed Trump may well be found in a dump.

I say: neither Clinton nor Trump.

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