Monday, August 01, 2016


He tells us he's gonna build a 1000 mile long wall along the US-Mexico border.

He tells us he's gonna deport millions of immigrants.

He tell's us he's gonna rip up trade deals.

He tells us that nobody loves Israel more than him and he will rip up the P5+1 deal with Iran.

And he tell us that his daughter Ivanka would make a great President.

But will he tell us about their supply chains in China?

Er, nope.

In recent months, China Labor Watch—a workers’ rights group that has successfully connected numerous US corporations with exploitive working conditions in Chinese factories—has tried and failed to locate the facilities in China that have churned out millions of dollars’ worth of gaudy shirts, pants, and neckties for Donald Trump’s various clothing lines. With little publicly released information to work from, the organization scoured Chinese-language job-board postings, contacted a third-party intelligence firm, and even queried a congressional committee. Yet it was all to no avail. The names and locations of Trump’s overseas factories appear to be yet another secret relating to his fortune.

...And it appears that Trump would like to keep it that way. In response to repeated requests from The Nation, Trump and his businesses provided no information about the foreign factories that have helped to expand his fortune. Trump’s presidential campaign, the Trump Organization, and the Ivanka Trump Collection all did not respond to inquiries from The Nation seeking names of any specific factories or manufacturers that have produced Trump-branded merchandise.

[source :  Trump Brand Clothes Are Made in China—but It’s Impossible to Find Out Where, The Nation,, 9th June 2016]

Release your tax returns.

Release your mental health records.

Release details on the supply chains you and your family use in not just China but also in Mexico, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Honduras, etc, etc, etc, and also the plans you have both made so that your whole supply chain is 100% made in 'Murica.

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