Monday, October 03, 2016


I am ripping Donald Trump to shreds (Zionist, moneylaunderer, mobbed-up to the tits, protege of CIA agent Roy Cohn who procured children for the CIA to abuse and who tried to kill/destroy Lyndon LaRouche for Henry Kissinger, trump and his family use cheap foreign sweatshop labour in a global supply chain, gets paid millions and millions while crying "poverty" to avoid paying any tax).

I am ripping Roger Stone to shreds (got W into the White House to enable the PNAC wars, scuttled Eliot Spitzer's investigation into Wall Street, and sucked Roy Cohn's cock (or was it vice versa?)).

I am ripping Andrew Jackson to shreds (slavery-loving, slaveholding, backstabbing traitor and Godfather of the Confederacy).

I am ripping Alex Jones himself (Jones has a family half of whom are CIA, he drinks blood at "bad blood-drinking rituals of the dark side" and his family is descended from Confederate colonels and generals (which would explian why he whitewashes the Confederacy claiming that the US Civil War was all over a tariff when all you need do is read The Cornerstone Speech of Alexander Stephens to find that it was indeed all about the Confederate states retaining negro slavery) and the Infowhores team to shreds (they've sold out, becoming chummy with the extreme Zionist media like Rebel TV and after years of slagging off Rupert Murdoch and Fox News now worship them).

They believe in people like Ayn Rand, who said that capitalism and altruism are incompatible. So if they believe in capitalism then nothing they do can be altruistic. Which is why I ask: why are they spying on me?

They flog their extreme Rightist version of 'the truth' and make a living out of it. I give my more neutral version for free (which I believe is much more accurate).

They turn up at Bilderberg meetings to shout at attendees from a mile away. I am prepared and trying to get the banks into court to argue we don't owe a penny and am taking huge financial risk in doing so - and being let down big time.

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