Monday, October 03, 2016


I used to look up to Icke. I started to learn about what he was saying in the late 1990s, bought loads of books and vidoes. I even helped him out financially in a legal case in the mid-2000s.

But two things have happened since then:
1. in January 2014 I proposed a protest outside Freemasons Hall in London on 28th June that year, that date being the centennial of the assassination of Arch Duke Ferdinand, which Icke blames on Freemasonry (indeed he blames the whole world war 1 on Freemasonry). A few weeks before the date, Icke even wrote on his website that he was being harassed and receiving death threats from Freemasonry. So I fully expected him to turn up. But on 28th June, where was Icke? AWOL.
2. there has been an illegal surveillance operation against me in the last year, maybe two. Icke knew about it but did not tell me.

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