Sunday, October 02, 2016


During the debate last week Trump boasted that he was "smart" for not paying any tax.

We can now assume, because he has not denied it, that he avoided paying any tax not because he was 'smart' but because he lost nearly $1 billion in 1995.

Unless he really did deliberately lose nearly $1 billion in 1995 in order to use that loss to not pay any taxes for nearly 2 decades?

Is that smart?

I dunno.

But this comes on top of the nearly $800 million in tax breaks that Trump has been given for his building projects, like that $400 million tax break from New York City that was arranged by Roy Cohn.

But all the time that Trump has not been paying any tax, he has fully supported that his beloved Israel get $3 billion per year from the muggins American tax payer, who will be either lower or middle class and can't afford a smart lawyer (or have a busines that makes a 'clever' loss of nearly $1 billion in one year).

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