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The heroes of The Freak Show, aka Infowhores, are President Andrew Jackson, Roy Cohn and Nazi King Edward VIII.

President Andrew Jackson was one of the largest slaveholders in the country, at one time owning 300 slaves on several plantations. Jackson loved slavery that much that he organised a raid on an old fort called Negro Fort in Spanish Florida where slaves running away from their slavery had found refuge with the Seminoles. The purpose of the raid was to capture and return those fugitive slaves to their former 'owners'. But the raid was a disaster. In the process of attacking the fort, the officer in command fired a cannonball into the fort's arsenal and blew the fort to pieces, killing about 300 fugitive slaves, including women and children. Jackson would have his runaway slaves beaten upon their return, and one such slave called Gilbert died during his beating.

A claim that Jacksonites make to show how brilliant Jackson was is that he paid off the national debt. Yes, he did pay off the debt...but only the last few dollars. Nicholas Biddle had done all the hard work with good management of the Second Bank of the United States (BUS2).

Jackson is promoted as a saviour of the American people from greedy bankers. But Jackson was actually a pawn in a game run by the British.

When Aaron Burr had assassinated Alexander Hamilton after Hamilton had exposed Burr's treason, Burr fled to Jackson's house in Tennessee. While Burr stayed with Jackson, these two and others plotted yet more treason against the United States. They were tried and got off only because the foreman of the jury was their best mate. Burr then fled to England and stayed a few years with the chief of British Intelligence Jeremy Bentham. Upon his return to the USA, Burr began to engineer the rise of Jackson for the Presidency, which was achieved through British agent Martin van Buren who ran New York. Van Buren used Jackson's performance as a patriot in the 1812 war against the British to promote Jackson to the American public.

Jackson's role as traitor was to destroy the central bank financing the growth of the United States, BUS2. His method was to withdraw federal funds from that bank. When Jackson tried to withdraw federal funds from BUS2, he had to fire two Treasury Secretaries, who refused to withdraw those funds because of the illegality of doing so and the finanical implications. Jackson finally appointed a fellow slaveholder Roger Taney, who withdrew the funds and placed them in Jackson's 'pet banks', which were really banks run and/or owned by his mates and/or loyal to Jackson and which had no particular specialist experience in handling federal funds or outstanding banking acumen. Those pet banks, flush with fresh federal funds, then issued loans many more times than the value of the funds, which fueled speculation in land, a bubble which Jackson burst with his Specie Circular. This led to the 1837 Panic. Henry Clews in his book 28 Years on Wall Street states this, and mocks Jackson and van Buren for their incompetence while praising Biddle's management of BUS2.

Jackson stabbed the Cherokee in the back by forcing them and four other civilized tribes to relocate from Georgia and other soon-to-be Confederate states to what is now Oklahoma. A Cherokee had earlier saved Jackson's life, which prompted Jackson to declare eternal friendship between the United States and the Cherokee. But Jackson repaid that debt through the forced removal of those five civilised tribes which is called The Trail of Tears which killed 4000 native Americans.

Another claim that Jacksonites make is that he slew the bankers. No he didn't. He transferred federal funds into banks owned and run by his mates and party loyalists who then went gambling on land. But it was Jackson who gave the Rothschilds their big break by appointing them agents for the United States in Europe.

And yet another claim made by Jacksonites is that he opposed big governmnent. But what sort of man opposed big government yet believed in slavery so much that he became one of the largest slaveholders in the country, allowed Texas to join the Union even though Texans were the most extreme white supremacists who had rebelled against the Mexican government in order to keep thier slaves, and invaded Spanish territory to return fugitive slaves to their slavery?

In destroying BUS2 Jackson and the USA in general was unable to industrialise the South which kept the South dependent on slavery. And Jackson's Indian Removal Act forced civilized native American tribes to leave their ancestral lands in states like Georgia and Tennessee so that wealthy planters could build plantations to be worked by slaves. All this led to the Confederate States of America, who went to war to defend their right to keep slaves. In doing all that, Jackson is the Godfather of the Confederacy.

Alex Jones' ancestors were colonels and generals in the Confederate Army. Jones also tries to whitewash the Confederacy by blaming the war on a tariff when all documents cite the Confederate states' right to keep slaves as the main cause of the war.

A regular guest on The Freak Show is Roger Stone. If you suffered austerity in the last decade then thank Stone, because it was Stone who scuttled Eliot Spitzer's investigation into Wall Street. Stone also helped George W Bush into the White House by stopping a recount in Florida through a riot. Once in the White House W began the PNAC wars, one of which we still see today in Syria.

Stone's heroes include Roy Cohn and King Edward VIII.

Roy Cohn was given a job in a law firm in New York by the CIA. While in New York he became the liaison beyween the CIA and the mob by becoming the consigliere for the New York Mafia. Cohn procured children for the CIA to abuse. Cohn also tried to get Lyndon LaRouche killed for Henry Kissinger. Both Stone and Donald Trump were very close to Cohn: Stone was Cohn's lover in his youth; Trump called Cohn his "greatest friend".

King Edward VIII was a Nazi sympathiser who during World War 2 was banished to the Caribbean out of fear that he could obtain and pass on Allied war secrets to the Nazis.

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