Wednesday, May 24, 2017


24 hours ago his name was barely known, and he was being treated as a "lone wolf".

But now?

Now we know or suspect the following about Salman Abedi:

The family moved here from Libya to escape Gaddafi.

According to The Daily Mail his father fought with the Libyan Jihadis against Gaddafi in 2011, though he apparently expressed opposition to ISIS.

The area in Manchester where he lived was/is infested with Libyan Jihadis.

The MI6-linked Libyan Islamic Fighting Group held a fund-raiser at the mosque the family attended, and where Abedi's father made the call to prayer.

The family are in the process of moving back to Libya, and Abedi had just returned from Libya after a 3 week stay there.

And the French, citing British sources, say that Abedi went to Syria and has proven links to ISIS.

Libya and Syria are extremist Jihadi hell holes due to British foreign policy. Both were named in the plan for war and regime change revealed to General Wesely Clark shortly after 9/11.

British Special Forces worked with the Libyan Jihadis to kill Gaddafi.

British officials asked former French foreign minister Roland Dumas to organise rat lines to smuggle Jihadis into Syria, and Great Britain has been a leader in the fake Friends of Syria movements that have appeared since 2010, which are financed by the Saudis and other Salafist monarchies, with the aim of ousting/killing Assad.

So Abedi is close to what I suspected: although not a returned seasoned Islamic State fighter trained in headchopping and making bombs, he has been exposed to radical Islam for years: first a weak form from his father; then exposed to MI6-linked LIFG-types in the Islamic community in Manchester; then what appears to be a recent sudden extreme radicalisation, enough to make him want to blow up children.

So can Islam itself be blamed, as Alex Jones thinks?

Or is this some kind of blow back for our policy of regime change in particular states, who though run by possibly unsavoury rulers, are much better than the extreme Islamic Jihadis we have allied with?

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