Tuesday, May 30, 2017


Trump surprised everyone a month ago when he decided to plunge the world into a possible WW3 by engaging North Korea. He had barely mentioned North Korea, and was more concerned about South Korea ripping off America.

Let's be clear : it would be total suicide for North Korea to attack the USA or its allies.

So why is Bomber Trump bothered about North Korea so much to send several aircraft carriers and other warships to the Korean Peninsula?

Well, by this action Bomber Trump has significantly increased the presence of the US military in that area...and with the nod from the Chinese!

Two US Navy aircraft carriers are expected to begin training together as soon as Wednesday in the Sea of Japan, for a few days in what US military officials say may be interpreted by North Korea as a signal of a more aggressive US military posture.

The current schedule calls for the USS Carl Vinson and USS Ronald Reagan, along with other warships, to move into the south central area of the Sea of Japan, also known in Korea as the East Sea, a US defense official told CNN.

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