Friday, May 19, 2017


Yes, with Watson as editor instead of Kurt Nimmo, Jones has rapidly become a multi-millionaire.

Not quite as rich as Bomber Trump's glamorous globalist daughter Ivanka (whose fortune is derived from hard labour in Communist Chinese sweatshops, and with the full approval of Bomber Trump).

But still, a multi-millionaire.

And helping to elect Trump has brought Infowars a lot of publicity. And with that comes a large potential customer base.

But Jones is now a multi-millionaire, but without custody of his children.

And Bomber Trump is turning out to be the globalist-of-sorts we expected him to be, and is humiliating Alex.

A jury of his peers found that Alex Jones should not have sole custody of his children, and that the primary residence of his children should be with their mother, Kelly.

We still do not know the reason for their divorce, but Kelly was given a lot of Jones' fortune in the divorce settlement, which suggests that he was in error. And with this jury decision over custody of the children, it is safe to assume that Kelly is not the guilty.

Something happened around the time that Kurt Nimmo was replaced by Watson.

And it is since then that, though Jones has become wealthy, he, Infowars and his family have suffered.

Just trying to work out what has happened to Infowars. I followed them. I supported them. I trusted them. But I don't now.

In the last few years they've sold out. And for money.

But who or what caused that?


Roger Stone?

Alex himself?

All three?

Something else as well?

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