Wednesday, May 24, 2017


The timing : with just days to go before a General Election, and when Labour is making significant gains, there is a terrorist attack in a city that had been attacked by the IRA in 1996. This gives May the opportunity to be the great saviour, and establishment media to bombard us with reassuring pictures of a plethora of paratroopers and armed police on the streets. This attack also came the day after Sophy Ridge of Sky News asked Jeremy Corbyn to condemn the IRA six times.

Known to the security services : initial speculation was that a "lone wolf" had attacked, and MI5 issued a surprising statement, but it turns out that Abedi's father had fled an arrest warrant from Gaddafi in Libya, so in the Arab Spring in 2011 he fought with the Libyan Jihadis (al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb). The area of Manchester where Abedi lived was infested with Libyan Jihadis, like the MI6-linked Libyan Islamic Fighting Group, and the mosque the family attended ran a fund raiser for LIFG. Since Gaddafi's death the family have moved back to Libya, leaving Salman to succumb to extreme radicalisation. And now it also turns out that a few years ago several of Abedi's colleagues informed the authorities about his radicalisation, but somehow Abedi was able to travel to Libya and Syria, and the French Interior Minister Gerard Collomb states, citing British sources, that Abedi has proven links with Islamic State.



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