Tuesday, May 23, 2017


A few years ago some NATO intelligence agencies (mentioning no names) decided that it would be a great idea to allow the rise of a Salafist heaadchopping, throatcutting entity in order to isolate a long-time target of theirs, President Bashar al-Assad of Syria. That Salafist entity we know as Islamic State/Daesh/ISIS, etc.

But such an entity would need recruits from nations across the globe.

So what those NATO intelligence agencies (mentioning no names) decided to do was allow Islamic State propaganda to be broadcast in their media and on the internet, allow preachers to preach Jihad on their streets and in their mosques (one such preacher was Michael Adebalajo who hacked Lee Rigby to death), and then allow converts to Jihad to travel to Syria via fellow NATO member Turkey which has a long border with Syria.

Now, after several years of fighting in Syria and facing imminent defeat, Islamic State is collapsing and their fighters are returning to the nations they left behind, or are posing as refugees. They are being allowed to return, or enter as refugees by those same NATO intelligence agencies (mentioning no names). And even though they are known to those NATO intelligence agencies (mentioning no names), those fighters are somehow considered not a threat but go on to drive lorries into markets, etc.

So who or what do we blame for the Manchester Arena atrocity (assuming that there was an Islamist suicide bomber)?

Islam itself?

Islamic State fighters?

Evil losers?

Or NATO intelligence agencies (mentioning no names)?

Clue : there are more Jihadis per head in the home of NATO, Belgium.

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