Friday, May 26, 2017


Bomber Trump has "tremendous respect" for Henry Kissinger.

Bomber Trump thinks that just sitting next to Kissinger is "an honour".

And Bomber Trump is advised by Kissinger, and he also advises Jared Kushner.

So why would Bomber Trump hold Kissinger in such esteem?

Bomber Trump used to call the deep, dark CIA agent Roy Cohn his "greatest friend". Cohn used to run paedophile networks for the CIA: to supply children to be abused for blackmail purposes; and to supply children to be abused at 'parties' held by CIA-sponsored satanist groups.

Cohn's deep, dark relationship with the CIA began when the CIA arranged for Cohn a job at the New York law firm Saxe, Bacon and Bolan so that Cohn could become the de facto liaison between the CIA and the New York mob, which Cohn became. In fact, Cohn had that much power over the mob that he told them how to vote (see Roger Stone's book on LBJ in which Stone quotes Cohn telling the mob that in the 1980 election the mob were to vote for Reagan).

In the early 1980s Lyndon LaRouche was being targeted for assassination by the establishment.

Who did the establishment order to assassinate LaRouche?

Roy Cohn. And one Henry Kissinger!!

Yep. Together, as a team, Kissinger and Cohn tried to get LaRouche assassinated. And when they couldn't Cohn used his media apparatus to spread damaging gossip and rumours about LaRouche to provoke violence against the LaRouche network.

So if Cohn and Kissinger were that close, what do you think Cohn was saying about Kissinger to Trump?

And what image do you think Trump was forming in his mind of Kissinger from what Trump's "greatest friend" Cohn was saying about Kissinger?

Most people who know anything about what Kissinger has done or said detest Kissinger.

But for some reason Bomber Trump adores, worships and trusts Kissinger.

So, I'll ask again: why does Bomber Trump hold Kissinger in such esteem?

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