Tuesday, May 23, 2017


Hang on a mo'!

This is not as epic as Alex is making it (well he has to make controversy to sell, sell, sell rightist propaganda as the truth to make him a multi-millionaire).

Jerome Corsi has written not just one but two books on Iran's alleged pursuit of a nuclear weapon while ignoring the fact that Israel has hundreds of nukes, and that Israel may well have assassinated President John F Kennedy over Kennedy's opposition to Israel having nukes.

In those books Corsi pushed the standard Israeli position: that Iran will have the bomb tomorrow.

But guess what: Iran always, always, always failed to have that bomb tomorrow.

A clue to Corsi's Zionism is that he has just left arguably the most Zionist American media outlet on t'interweb, World Net Daily, which was funded by the establishment spook William Mellon Hitchcock.

But the killer clue to Corsi's Zionism is the fact that his book, Why Israel Can't Wait : The Coming War Between Israel and Iran, is written in memory of David Ben Gurion. The book's dedication reads:

In memory of David Ben Gurion, who dared to imagine he could create the modern Jewish State of Israel.

That book is published by Threshold Editions which is part of Simon & Schuster which is owned by the bona fide Fake News, CBS!!

Corsi also wrote a book on the JFK assassination. That book is published by the aforementioned uber Zionist media, World Net Daily. Corsi does not address Israel's role and culpability.

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