Sunday, May 21, 2017


Can Infopervs disagree with their once former love (who hasn't sold out to the Saudis)?

When non-president Donald Trump declared Saudi Arabia "the world's biggest funder of terrorism," and responsible for 9/11, one must presume that he understood the thoughts and opinions of the American people.

​Americans (even the mainstream media) have sympathy for the people of Saudi Arabia, specifically the persecuted women, gays, and Christians. The American people also sympathize with the suffering people of Yemen, who are being slaughtered en masse by the Saudis.

Yet the U.S. government itself is practically bragging about arming the Saudis even further to the tune of $350 billion!

The U.S. government and President Trump are painfully out of touch, and are hardly acting as representatives of the American people.

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