Wednesday, May 31, 2017


During the campaign, Bomber Trump was calling NATO obsolete, and the globalists began to panic as he suggested that he would pull the USA out of NATO.

Infopervs loved this talk. Absolutely loved it!

But Trump has reneged on his campaign suggestion, and has asked NATO members to pay their fair share while all talk of leaving has stopped.

So if the USA under Bomber Trump stays in NATO and continues to contribute its fair share, and the other members pay more, then that will make NATO richer and thus stronger, not obsolete, wouldn't it? Because there would be more in NATO's coffers.

And what do we expect Bomber Trump to ask NATO to do, with all that money?

Act as the world army and hunt down and overthrow anyone he doesn't like?

Well, he's just agreed that Montenegro join NATO.

And a richer more powerful NATO would probably look more attractive to join.

Perhaps even Ukraine?


A richer and more powerful NATO is a very dangerous entity, and would provide some warmongers with the confidence to flex NATO's muscles when they otherwise wouldn't.

In Ukraine, perhaps?

Infopervs told us that it was all gonna be diff'rent under Bomber Trump.

But instead of making NATO obsolete and pulling the USA out of NATO, he is now making NATO richer, and thus more powerful and thus more attractive to join.

Bomber Trump: making NATO great again and again and again...

Here's the remarkable transformation that Infopervs have made to disguise the fact that they know Bomber Trump has dumped all over them (remember, Trump's actions in Saudi Arabia made Roger Stone want to puke):

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