Sunday, June 04, 2017


In 2007/8 there was a global financial crisis which, if regular Infowars guest Roger Stone had not scuttled Eliot Spitzer, could have been prevented or minimised.

As a result the ordinary muggins taxpayers of the world were and still are saddled with austerity while the bankers walked away with trillions in bailouts and millions in bonuses.

The austerity led to cuts in public services, like policing:

But while such cuts have been implemented, our intelligence agencies have been colluding with radical Islamists: allowing them to base their HQs here; to preach Jihad and recruit Jihadis; to allow those recruited Jihadis to travel to targets of British foreign policy like Libya, Syria and Iraq; and if they survive they are allowed to return and are 'managed' until the next Jihad for British foreign policy.

Unfortunately, this system of Jihad is now out of control: too many Jihadis 'managed' by fewer intels and police.

And the fewer intels and police is due to the austerity which is a result of the financial crisis of 2007/8.

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