Saturday, June 10, 2017


"Mr New World Order" is how Infopervs refer to Newt Gingrich.

But just how close is Gingrich to Bomber Trump?

It appears to be VERY close!

The first few sections of Gingrich's latest book, which is his attempt to explain Trump, is available free, as advertised here by Gingrich:

Right from the start we can see just how close Gingrich, sorry, "Mr New World Order", and Trump are.

Here's what Eric Trump writes in the foreword:
When my father called my family together to confirm that he would run for president, he said we would quickly learn who our real friends were. . . . He was right.

In a short time, it was clear that Newt Gingrich and his wife, Callista, were true friends of the Trump family.

When I met Newt, my first impression of him was that he was incredibly direct—a trait close to our own hearts, and a trait rarely found among the political elite. As we would soon find out, our family was about to face the toughest battle of our lives, and throughout the long, hard-fought Republican primary, and the general election, the Gingriches fought with us. Newt became more than just a surrogate; he became a friend who profoundly understood my father’s tenacity and his passion for one singular goal: to Make America Great Again!

Gingrich writes in the Introduction:
In 2011, I was preparing to run for president, so I made a trip to Trump Tower. Donald was generous with his time, happy to discuss the campaign, and gave me several Trump ties—which he pointed out were longer than standard ties and had become the best-selling ties in America. We took a picture together and he encouraged a number of his friends to help my campaign. In the end, as a pretty good calculator of the odds, Trump endorsed Mitt Romney, but we remained friends and even campaigned together for Mitt.

The common bond between the two is simple: opposition to leftism.

That's why when Trump pulled the USA out of the Paris Agreement, Gingrich, and many others rightist globalists, supported him, while the leftist globalists opposed the move.

Infopervs described this move by Trump as a blow to "the globalists".

Er, no it wasn't. It was just a powerful rightist taking a decision which pleased the rightist globalists and angered the leftist globalists.

But isn't it ironic that Infopervs attacked people like Gingrich, Bolton and Graham for being globalists only for them to support Trump who Infopervs helped to elect?

Not to me it isn't. I nailed Trump as the product of the rightist CIA Zionist globalist network that assassinates leftist Presidents of the US (JFK, RFK) and procures children for the CIA to abuse, and also works with the mob.

I would have to say that Trump has surprised me in only one action, which is the very sudden developments over North Korea. I didn't see that coming. But what Trump has done there is continue Obama's pivot to Asia to contain China. If you have not done so already you should watch John Pilger's documentary The Coming War on China in which the enclirclement of China is painfully obvious, from Japan becoming a static aircraft carrier of the US Navy (renamed USS Japan) down to the southern most tip of South Korea, it's bases, bases, bases which are used to base military personnel and hardware, all aimed at China. Trump has increased this pivot by plonking the THAAD missile system in South Korea (much to the anger of South Korea, China and Russia) and three US NAvy carrier strike groups patrolling the seas between China and the Korean Peninsula.

From Trump picking and appointing so many swamp-dwellers, to welching on so many campaign promises and proposals, to siding with the Saudis against Iran, to bombing Syria, to getting the thumbs up from Bilderberg, Trump is the continuity of agenda President with a few minor corrections to Obama's course.

So when Trump does something that Infopervs describe as a blow to "the globalists" but the rightist globalists cheer him on, can it really be described as a blow to "the globalists"?


Not when Newt "Mr New World Order" Gingrich is so close to Bomber Trump.

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