Sunday, June 04, 2017


And yes, that is the same military-industrial complex that whacked JFK, to which belonged Bomber Trump's "greatest friend" Roy Cohn.

The massive US arms deal with Saudi Arabia signed last month by President Trump is continuing to drive up arms makers’ stock, though at present the exact dollar values for specific companies are a matter of some speculation. Lockheed Martin, long expected to be one of the big sellers, put their figure at $28 billion.

Lockheed’s sales include 150 Black Hawk helicopters, at the very least, but the company is also trying to sell the Saudis on the THAAD missile defense system, and the small but pricey Littoral Combat Ships (LCS) that the US has been struggling with constantly breaking down.

Boeing offered their own estimates on Saudi contracts, saying they believe they’re getting $50 billion.

[source : Lockheed Sees $28 Billion From Saudi Arms Sales, Boeing Expects $50 Billion, Anti War,, 2nd June 2017]

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