Friday, June 09, 2017


Bomber Trump, by signing a $350 billion deal to arm and defend the Saudis and form an anti-Iran alliance of headchoppers, depots and tyrants, may well have given the Saudis the confidence/green light to unleash Islamic State onto Iran.

Bomber Trump has gone further than Obama and has bombed Syria and is now planting the Stars and Stripes in Syria, making parts of Syria no-go zones for pro-Assad forces.

Bomber Trump is bomb-bomb-bombing everything that moves in Somalia, Yemen, Iraq and Syria.

Bomber Trump is at the least advancing the pivot to Asia over North Korea by plonking the THAAD system in South Korea (much to the anger of South Koreans, China and Russia) and the USA now has three carrier strike groups off the coast of China, and is possibly provoking WW3.

But the tell tale sign is that Bilderberg just gave Trump a thumbs up and Trump's Bilderberg Four are still in their jobs, one week after attending Bilderberg to allegedly plot his downfall (if you trust Infopervs' sources), those four just a minority of Trump's Swamp listed > here <.

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