Thursday, June 01, 2017


Bomber Trump's National Security Advisor and his Commerce Secretary are at Bilderberg 2017.

Why hasn't Bomber Trump demanded that his followers and dupes all steam down to Chantilly, Virginia right now and storm the Westfields Marriott luxury hotel?

Why not?

Why hasn't he exposed Bilderberg and demanded that his followers and dupes storm the hotel right now?

Instead, today Trump has provided the MSM with a distraction and withdrawn from a non-binding agreement to reduce CO2 emissions but has immediately asked for a new deal to re-enter.

IMHO, Trump is an extreme rightist with deep state connections (which Infopervs are protecting) but the deep state can do, or has done, deals with him.

Putin took a gamble through Russia's alleged 'civilian' hackers, who colluded with people like Roger Stone, and is losing.

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