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Resorts International was financed largely with a transfer of funds from the Banque de Credit Internationale of Tibor Rosenbaum and Major Louis Mortimer Bloomfield, and the Investors Overseas Service (IOS) of Bernie Cornfeld and the Rothschild family.

An estimated $14 million in transferred monies traveling through Meyer Lanskys World Trade Bank and the Fiduciary Trust Company of Nassau, a wholly owned subsidiary of IOS found their way into Resorts during its half-dozen formative years. (10) Furthermore, by the agreement that first cleared the way for the granting of the property title, the construction rights, and the vital Certificate of Exemption, 44 cents on every dollar of profit taken in at the Paradise Island casino goes to the Lucayan Beach Hotel and Casino Corporation — still largely owned by Meyer
Lansky through his Canadian business partner Lou Chesler. From its investors* side then, Resorts International is indistinguishable from the previously Geneva and Basel-headquartered Permindex-BCI-IOS - a nexus that we have shown to be founded on the revenues of Dope, Incorporated. Resorts International equals bigtime drug trafficking; cocaine and marijuana from the Caribbean and South America, LSD and hashish produced in factories in the Bahamas, Costa Rica, etc., with venture capital provided through IOS. Resorts International's stationing on Paradise Island created the "Silver Triangle" — a dope route up through the Caribbean that the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency estimates to be the source of over $7 billion a year alone in narcotics passed through the southernmost tip of Florida.

Permindex moves to Bay Street

As the guts of BCI moved to Paradise Island, so the Permindex murder ring moved to Intertel. No longer was the Special Operations Executive to house its secret assassination teams in trading companies, Christian missionary schools, and commercial executive airline services. Murder, Inc. was to become part of the respectable, Kennedy "liberal establishment," flaunting itself as a private intelligence army for hire.

[source : EIR, Dope Inc.]

Here is how Banque de Credit Internationale played a role in the assassination of JFK:
According to Dope Inc., Tibor Rosenbaum’s BCI was a key bank in the Permindex assassination of Kennedy, transferring funds from Bank Hapoalim to New Orleans FBI Division Five Station Chief Guy Bannister. Bannister’s agent Jerry Brooks Gaitlin doled out the cash to Hunt and his Cuban team of assassins. Both Bannister and Gaitlin died under mysterious circumstances.

[source : Dean Henderson, Who Killed JFK?,, 25th July 2014]

So BCI morphed into Resorts International (which Trump bought).

Permindex morphed into Intertel.

But according to Ruth Paine:
Resorts International owned 91% of INTERTEL'S stock.

So in buying Resorts International Trump was effectively buying Permindex.

But did he know?

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