Thursday, June 23, 2016


As soon as anyone starts shooting in the USA, Infowhores immediately scream that the problem is Islam.

But as we know very, very well, terrorism in the USA is encouraged and/or allowed to happen by the CIA/FBI.

The massacre at Pulse club in Orlando provoked Infowhores into once again screaming that the problem was Islam.

But now a man claiming to be the lover of Mateen has stated that Mateen was out for revenge after a homosexual encounter with two Puerto Rican men, one of whom later told Mateen that he was HIV positive, which led to Mateen seeking revenge. According to this witness, Mateen hated Puerto Rican gays because of this incident. Mateen's mental instability then kicked in, and he may well have made all those claims about Islamic State to cover for this hate.

But the facts remain: the FBI knew about him, and they even tried to recruit him. The same old, same old pattern.

In an exclusive interview Tuesday with the Spanish language television network Univision, a man who identified himself only as Miguel and who appeared with his face and voice disguised said that Mateen had attacked the gay nightclub not as an act not of terrorism, but of “revenge.”

According to his account, Mateen was enraged over a sexual encounter with two Puerto Rican men he had met at the Pulse nightclub, one of whom, he said, later acknowledged that he was HIV positive. He described Mateen as “terrified” of becoming infected with the virus.

“I’m going to make them pay for what they did to me,” he recalled Mateen telling him, adding that “he hated Puerto Rican gays” because of the incident.

The man recounted that he had met Mateen via a gay dating app and had gone with him between 15 and 20 times to the Ambassador Hotel in Orlando. A receptionist interviewed by Univision confirmed that she recognized Mateen and that the man the network interviewed had been a regular guest.

The FBI confirmed the man’s report that he had been interviewed several times by the agency, which has also sought security video from the hotel.

[source : Man claiming to be lover of Orlando shooter casts further doubt on “terror” claims, WSWS,, 23rd June 2016]

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