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Infowhores is run by Alex Jones. Jones thinks that Andrew Jackson was a saint for destroying the Second Bank of the United States, and allegedly believed in small government. The truth is that Jackson:
1. was involved in several plots of treason against the United States, extremely connected to British agents like Aaron Burr and Martin van Buren;
2. was one of the largest slaveholders in the country, who would regularly have his slaves beaten for running away, one called Gilbert died from his beating;
3. loved slavery that much he was prepared to organise a raid on Negro Fort in Spanish Florida to recapture fugitive slaves who had found sanctuary and were living in freedom there;
4. was the Godfather of the Confederacy by beginning the forced removal of native Americans, known as the five civilized tribes, from their ancestral lands in states which were in what were to become core members of the Confederacy, and then selling those lands to slaveholders to build plantations to be worked by slaves;
5. illegally withdrew federal funds from the Second Bank of the United States, and placed them in his 'pet banks' which were chosen not because of their banking expertise but for their loyalty to Jackson. Those banks repaid that faith from Jackson by using those fresh deposits as a base to which to apply fractional reserve banking and inflated a speculation bubble in land, which Jackson burst with his Specie Circular which caused the 1837 Panic;
6. far from destroying the bankers, he gave the Rothschilds their big break by appointing them as agents for the United States in Europe.

The only reason why Jackson allegedly liked small government is that there would be no effective force to check on conditions on his plantations and the plantations of his fellow slaveholders, so they could beat, rape and abuse and in some cases kill their slaves without fear of justice. Pure scum!!

Jones also pushes the neo-Confederate propaganda that the Confederacy seceded and started the US Civil War over a tariff, when all primary documents and leading politicians at that time all stated that the war was over the desire of the Confederacy to protect the horrific institution of slavery.

The scary factoid about Jones is that he has confessed to attending "bad blood-drinking rituals of the dark side".


Jones also claims that half his family are CIA, and perhaps explaining why he and Infowhores push the above lie about the US Civil War being over a tariff, he also claims that his family were colonels and generals in the Confederate Army killing Union soldiers who were fighting to protect the Union and to destroy slavery. However, he will not say who these members of his family are or what they did.

Jones is assisted in this bullshit by his sidekick PJW, who regularly shouts at all Muslims but from the safety of Youtube, and attacks socialism citing such luminaries, who have no bias whatsoever, as Winston Churchill (who was a serious and brutal British Imperialist loyal to the British Monarchy and the British Empah, and who had developed the 1912 agreement with France that dragged the British into WW1), and Margaret Thatcher (who was great friends with Jimmy Saville, began the process of liberating The City of London which lead to the financial crisis in and a bailout for The City of London and austerity for the rest of us, and who decimated the British coal industry so that while we stand on centuries of the world's best coal we import inferior foreign coal possibly dug by child labour and pay higher prices for the privilege).

PJW is now promoting a man who pisses in his own mouth.

But it gets worse.

Much worse.

A new freak is now appearing on Infowhores. His name is Roger Stone.

Stone used to be Donald Trump's aide, until last year when he began to appear on Infowhores.

Stone's unique claim is that he is implicated in the two most significant events of the century so far:
1. Stone organised a riot in Florida, which stopped a recount, which gave Florida to Bush, who once in the White House surrounded himself with senior and founding members of PNAC, who pounced on 9/11 and began the series of wars we have experienced since then, with hundreds of thousands bombed to death by the USA;
2. Stone also scuttled the investigation into Eliot Spitzer who was investigating the corruption of Wall Street, specifically AIG, which allowed Wall Street to continue its corrupt practices, until the financial crisis of 2007/8, the banks being bailed out, bankers receiving millions each in bonuses, and austerity of some kind for most Americans.

So if you want to thank just one person for all the austerity and the death and destruction of the wars since 9/11, you can thank just one man: Infowhore Dodgy Roger Stone.

Stone's heroes also make sense for someone who somehow fixes events for the globalists. Stone's heroes are Nazi King Edward VIII, Richard Nixon and Roy Cohn.

King Edward VIII was a Nazi sympathiser who was banished to the Caribbean for fear he may obtain and pass on British secrets to the Nazis. Richard Nixon allowed a very popular leader of Chile, Salvador Allende, to be overthrown and replaced by a military dictatorship under Augusto Pinochet. Nixon also massively bombed Cambodia which led to a revolution run by Pol Pot, who later killed millions of Cambodians. And as President, Nixon could have ordered the CIA and FBI to release all their records on Lee Harvey Oswald. But he didn't. Instead Nixon hung around the fringes of the mob (who had killed JFK).

But it is Stone's third hero, Roy Cohn, who is of much more interest.

Cohn had been employed by Senator McCarthy to persecute suspected Communists and homosexuals (even though Cohn was a homosexual himself). Cohn persuaded the judge in the case of the Rosenbergs to find them guilty and implement the death penalty...even though Cohn had persuaded the real traitor to provide evidence against the Rosenbergs!!

After these McCarthy hearings Cohn began to run paedophile and homosexual entrapment rings to collect blackmail material for the CIA. He also procured children for a CIA satanic cult to abuse. Cohn also covered up the murder of three boys.

So perhaps it is no wonder that Cohn was also the consiglieri for the New York Mafia!!

Donald Trump wormed his way into Cohn's circle in the early 1970s. Cohn and Trump became that close that Trump called Cohn his "greatest friend". Cohn fixed several deals for Trump, in particular Trump's first big venture, the Grand Hyatt. Cohn, perhaps making the New York mayor an offer he couldn't refuse, managed to get a $400 million tax break for Trump to develop the Grand a time when New York City faced bankruptcy!!

But before all this, Cohn was on the edge of the CIA/mob network that assassinated JFK and RFK. Cohn was on the board of Permindex, which is implicated in the assassination of JFK. Permindex was a British/Zionist front to funnel funds across the globe for assassinations. And around the time of the McCarthy hearings, Cohn became great friends with David Schine. The Ambassador Hotel, where RFK was assassinated, was owned by Myer Schine, David's father!! I have recently come across the book Final Judgement which implicates Israel in the killing of JFK because of his opposition to Israel's nuclear program. It is therefore of great interest that:
1. the Executive Producer of Oliver Stone's film JFK was a member of an Israeli intelligence operation to acquire nuclear technology;
2. the man who was accused of assassinating RFK was a Palestinian called Sirhan Sirhan.

(I have always wondered why a Palestinian would be framed. This provides a possible explanation.)

Trump has proclaimed his love for not just Israel but also Benjamin Netanyahu, who in 2014 murdered 2000 in Gaza, 520 of whom were children. Trump spoke at AIPAC earlier this year. Infowhores have been covering everything that Trump has said. They sent David Knight to cover Trump's speech at AIPAC. But Knight's report on the speech itself was not broadcast. Why? Because Trump betrayed himself by getting down on his knees and sucking Zionist cock. This was a total betrayal by a man who claimed he would be neutral on the Israel-Palestine conflict. And Trump's distrust of Iran and support of Israel and Saudi Arabia has led Zionist casino magnate Sheldon Adelson to fund Trump with $100 million.

Permindex was established through the network of Zionist overlord Edgar Bronfman.

Jones is on record proclaiming his support for Israel, having married a Jewess.

So what are the chances that Alex Jones uses the same lawyer as Bronfman's sister?

Which would explain why they also seem to adore Ayn Rand, who supported the genocide of the native Americans and Palestinians, and who also said:
Capitalism and altruism are incompatible

The current Executive Director of the Ayn Rand Institute is Yaron Brook...who just happens to be an ex officer of Israeli Military Intelligence.

So, it's all there...if you can be arsed to look: treason; CIA; mob; Israel; slavery; war; austerity; fraud.

But it gets even worse.

Because Infowhores is owned and edited by peeping toms.

Honestly, could you ever imagine such a bunch of freaks?

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