Saturday, June 18, 2016


So who was it?

The older international lawyer/accountant/consultant type?


Or perhaps both Ayn Rand Cult of Selfish-followers?

I gots' to know.

(but I know really)

There is division within the Bolton Monarchy.

Half knows they should have asked how they could they help and then offered to help when realising they could.

The other half used the member of the Bolton Monarchy I know who I sent those reports to, to at first ignore me (as if I had sent those reports by mistake, she having already ostracised me), but then instead of directly answering my subsequent questions for help instead tried to entice from me what I wanted from them without them giving anything in return, and then using any subsequent anger against me by not telling me explicitly to fuck off but to hint that they were on my side by regularly visiting particular posts.

They then hooked up with Infowhores expecting to be able to do what I thought they could do with me, only to realise that I what I was doing required massive financial risk, which neither Infowhores nor themselves are willing to take, because there is nothingf altruistic in their actions because as Ayn Rand followers everything they do is guided by greed, pure and simple.

Look, any normal human being, when told how the world really works and that they could help to stop it, would offer to help.

But not the Bolton Monarchy.

I didn't receive one single thanks from them for the information I sent...event though I had been ostracised and asked for help.

No thanks.

No offers of help.

No nothing

Sweet fuck all!!!

So just give me a name: whose idea was it to (a) refuse to offer to help in 2013/4, and (b) place secret surveillance devices in my bedroom.

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