Friday, June 17, 2016



The media could destroy Trump through his connections to the CIA, FBI and the mob, but they instead 'attack' Trump with gloves made out of cotton-wool, which, as he correctly states, keeps him in the news and makes him look anti-establishment.


Trump's "greatest friend" and fixer was Roy Cohn.

So what, you ask.

Er, Cohn was also the consiglieri for the New York Mafia and used this influence to fix deals for Dodgy Don, in particular the 40 year tax break for the Grand Hyatt when New York City was on the verge of bankruptcy.

But Cohn also:
1. procured children for a CIA satanic cult;
2. procured children for a paedophile entrapment ring to collect blackmail material for the CIA;
3. sat on the board of Permindex which is implicated in a number of assassinations, including that of JFK;
4. was the personal conduit of sleaze from J Edgar Hoover to the media when Hoover wanted to destroy anyone.

And just for good measure, Cohn was the best friend of David Schine, whose father owned the Ambassador Hotel where RFK was assassinated, a murder which was blamed on a mentally ill Palestinian Sirhan Sirhan.

This makes Trump the product of the same fascist CIA/FBI/mob network that first assassinated, and then covered up the murder of, President John F Kennedy, and also his brother Robert.

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