Monday, June 06, 2016


Trump's mentor, fixer and "greatest friend" was Roy Cohn, the consiglieri for the New York Mafia, procurer of children for a CIA satanic cult and for a paedophile entrapment network to obtain blackmail material for the CIA, who also covered up the murder of three boys.

Cohn was on the board of Permindex which is implicated in the assassination of JFK.

But what happened to Permindex?
Not only did the International Assassination Bureau survive the September 1974 events, and the earlier shunting of Permindex to South Africa. Pulling the plug on the BCI appears to have been a loud diversionary maneuver to obscure the fact that quietly, systematically, over a period of years, the Permindex capability was upgraded, expanded, and relocated to a spot only miles off the coast of the United States: Paradise Island in the Grand Bahamas. Here stands the corporate headquarters of Resorts International and its wholly owned subsidiary security division. International Intelligence ("Intertel"). Forget about the pictures of Resorts International in glossy travel brochures or the advertisements in the Travel Section of the Sunday New York Times. Scarcely concealed among the palm trees, the swimming pools, and the all-night casinos and nightclubs is Major Bloomfield's Royal Commission of High Executioners — and billions of dollars in dope. Barely hidden behind the Resorts International letterhead is the eminence grise of organized crime, Meyer Lansky.

Beginning no later than 1960, Lansky hatched a grand scheme to create a "Hong Kong West" (2) in the Caribbean: an offshore center that would bring together gambling, narcotics, dirty money, and Murder Inc. under one unregulated and "highly respectable" roof.

[source : EIR, Dope Inc., Chapter 4, Permindex Unveiled: Resorts International -Intertel]

Yesterday in a post entitled HOW TRUMP BOUGHT INTO MOB/CIA MONEY LAUNDERING SCHEME RESORTS INTERNATIONAL I quoted verbatim from a book called Trump : The Greatest Show on Earth: The Deals, The Downfall, The Reinvention explaining how Trump began to buy Resorts International. That blog contained this:
Before settling in with the company in Atlantic City, Davis had run its Paradise Island operation in the Bahamas, allowing the management of the company's casino to be turned over to the brother of Meyer Lansky's top aide, attracting government probes of a number of other mob connections, running a slush fund of cash, payments for Bahamian officials, and dating actress Janet Leigh. Together with other top Resorts executives, Davis had also helped provide a secluded hideaway for Resorts regulars like Richard Nixon, Howard Hughes, Robert Vesco, and Bebe Rebozo, as well as exiled dictators Anastosio Somoza and the Shah of Iran.


Which would explain why he was bailed out by Alan Greenspan when the Resorts International casino he bought went tits up, instead of being made personally bankrupt owing hundreds of millions of dollars.

And what happened to that casino last year?


It would also explain one very peculiar and fascinating link: the daughter, Holly Bronfman Lev, of Edgar Bronfman Sr, who also financed Permindex, shares the same lawyer as Alex Jones...who is pushing Trump as POTUS!!

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