Thursday, June 09, 2016


There is still 5 months to go until the US Presidential election which could result in Donald Trump being elected as POTUS, but already teachers are reporting an alarming rise in racist comments from their students, some still in elementary school!!

Trump wants to deport millions of immigrants.

And then after that build a 1000 mile long wall along the US-Mexico border.

All that is going to take a lot of money, and a lot of time.

That is how Trump will create jobs: hunt down, capture and deport millions of immigrants; and then build that wall.

Trump whines about 'bad' trade deals with China and Mexico, but he and his family take advantage of those deals and use cheap sweatshop labour in China and Mexico and elsewhere other than the USA to manufacture their clothing and accessories. Trump whines that it is difficult to manufacture clothing in the USA, but within 10 seconds of searching I found a US-based clothing manufacturer who had been manufacturing clothes in the USA for decades.

If it is like this now, just think what it will be like when that deportation force gets going. It will be like Nazi Germany.

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