Thursday, August 04, 2016


Trump wants to make America great again.

He could have helped by using good 'ol 'Murican labour to manufacture 100% of his clothing and accessories.

But he has not.

He has instead decided to use cheap foreign sweatshop labour.

And so has his daughter, Ivanka.

I have already posted an article on the cheap foreign sweatshop labour that Trump uses in Honduras, and reported that rather than employ local 'Murican labour in seasonal jobs at Mar-a-Lago he employs East European students instead.

And I have now found a large spreadsheet that gives us a glimpse into the Trump global supply chain.

The spreadsheet has been compiled by an organisation called ImportGenius. I came across them through an article entitled Trump outsourcing includes home goods, daughter’s clothing line.

The spreadsheet holds information on the international shipping data but not on which particular factory manufactured the goods. The Trumps are very shy at releasing the latter information.

But the international shipping data is still very useful to give us a glimpse into the Trump global supply chain, for we can see just how unamerican Trump is and has been.

The records in the spreadsheet go back to 2006 upto and including this year, and is only a sample, not the full list.

The first record is of a shipment of pens made in China and shipped from Shanghai.

The data has been classed into deliveries for Donald, Ivanka, Eric and Hotels.

The vast majority of the shipments are from Hong Kong and Yiantin, and the vast majority of the shipments are for Ivanka.

That spreadsheet is available here.

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