Friday, August 05, 2016


The Joker's trademark catchphrase has been "Make America Great Again".

We had known about not just his use of cheap foreign sweatshop labour to manufacture his clothing and accessories, but also that of his daughter Ivanka, but not in that much detail.

Yesterday I posted a spreadsheet giving us a glimpse into the global supply chain of the Trumps: the vast majority is made in China (but they refuse to give details of which particular factories in China); and the vast majority of the shipping data from China in that spreadsheet is for Ivanka.

(Anything made in Mexico for The Joker would not be in that spreadsheet because that data is on naval imports into the USA when Trump products made in Mexico would be transported in the USA by land.)

So who would The Joker put in his cabinet to help him "Make America Great Again"?




Can someone, whose business empire has overwhelmingly relied on cheap Chinese sweatshop labour, Make America Great Again?

The Trumps must:
1. release Donald's tax returns;
2. release Donald's mental health records;
3. release the plans they have made or are making so that their whole supply chain is 100% made in 'Murica.

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