Monday, April 17, 2017




Where have I heard of that before?

Oh yes. That was it. General Wesley Clark said that there would be war and regime change there, as well as in Iraq (tick), Libya (tick), Syria (almost tick), Sudan (tick), Lebanon (big fail) and Iran (coming soon to a TV near you).

And then there's the ol' axis-of-evil thing with North Korea.

I'd say you could call it continuity of agenda?


This is how wars start: give advice (to guarantee failure?) ; then mission creep; then covert war; then finally the overt war they always wanted.

Washington (CNN)The US is sending "dozens" of additional troops to Somalia to train and equip the Somali National Army and the forces participating in the African Union Mission in Somalia there.
A US military official told CNN that the new contingent would consist of about 40 soldiers.

In an email to CNN, Charles Chuck Prichard, a spokesperson for US Africa Command, confirmed the deployment Friday, saying that the deployment of "a few dozen troops from the 101st Airborne Division" came "at the request and in close coordination with" the government of Somalia.

[source : US sending dozens more troops to Somalia, CNN,, 14th April 2017]

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