Sunday, April 23, 2017


Alex Jones is defending Trump's mental health following a report that a gang of psychiatrists at Yale questioned Trump's mental fitness for President.

But let's just remind ourselves of Trump's historic and recent actions:
1. he has expressed interest, live on TV, in you-know-whatting his own daughter Ivanka, and in 1992 said to a 10 year old girl that in 10 years time he would be dating her;
2. he used to hold underage-sex-and-cocaine parties where he was "a f*****g beast...getting laid like crazy";
3. Ivanka's products are overwhelmingly manufactured in cheap Communist Chinese sweatshops, but while he declares, "Buy American. Hire American" he has given her an office in The White House;
4. in 2013 he urged Obomber over 40 times not to bomb Syria;
5. but at the first opportunity he gets, after a highly suspicious chemical attack in Syria, surrounded by swamp-dwellers (who he picked) and after consultation with Ivanka, he bombs Syria, killing several SAA soldiers who were fighting Jihadis, as well as several civilians, and then says that what he did Obomber should have done years ago!!;
6. he then says he could not tolerate seeing all those beautiful babies dead, but he is killing beautiful babies himself in Yemen, Iraq, Somalia, etc, and after Netanyahu killed 520 children in Gaza in 2014 Trump called Netanyahu "a great guy";
7. and he wants to see a strong Saudi Arabia after the Saudis unleashed the head-chopping cutthroat Jihadis onto Syria.

But when you add all this to the letter written by several nuclear launch officers, missileers, in which they express their deep concerns about Bomber Trump's mental health and stability, and that during the election campaign Trump said nothing about North Korea yet he has brought us all very quickly to the verge of a nuclear war with North Korea while he plays golf, I think we have reasons to be concerned about the mental health of the man in charge of the world's most powerful and destructive nuclear arsenal.

Don't you?

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