Friday, April 28, 2017


Bomber Trump barely mentioned North Korea during the election camapign. His campaign was all about locking up Clinton, building that wall, pulling out of trade deals, pulling out of NATO, making friends with Russia to quickly defeat ISIS, and take on China. In fact he was more concerned about South Korea ripping off America than North Korea's nukes.

So how has it come to this?

Bomber Trump has:
1. alienated Assad and Putin;
2. not even laid the first brick of that wall;
3. made NATO more relevant;
4. bombed Syria, killing SAA soldiers defeating ISIS;
5. defended South Korea with the THAAD system, and at least one carrier strike group supported by a nuclear sub floating off the coast of China (coz of the pivot to Asia?), and Trump threatening war.

Oh, and he now feels sorry for Clinton while she takes the limeade out of him.

How has it come to this?

But at least multi-millionaires Infopervs have got their yuuuge tax cuts, so we can all breathe a yuuuge sigh of relief (while the mushroom clouds loom in the distance).

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