Monday, April 24, 2017


Remember when Infopervs used to slag off Fox News for broadcasting NWO propaganda?

Happy days!

Well, Bomber Trump just said that Fox News is the most accurate of the US media!!


Yeah! ME TOO!!

Funny how Steve Watson forgets that bit in this piece:

TRUMP: I have learned one thing, because I get treated very unfairly, that’s what I call it, the fake media. And the fake media is not all of the media. You know they tried to say that the fake media was all the, no. The fake media is some of you. I could tell you who it is, 100 percent. Sometimes you’re fake, but — but the fake media is some of the media. It bears no relationship to the truth. It’s not that Fox treats me well, it’s that Fox is the most accurate.

AP: Do you believe that? That Fox —

TRUMP: I do. I get treated so badly. Yesterday, about the thing, you know when I said it’s a terrorism … it may be. I said it may be a terrorist attack and MSNBC, I heard, went crazy, “He called it a terrorist attack.” They thought it was a bank robbery. By the way, I’m 10-0 for that. I’ve called every one of them. Every time they said I called it way too early and then it turns out I’m … Whatever. Whatever. In the meantime, I’m here and they’re not.

[source : Trump: ‘Most of The Media Is Fake’, Infowars,, 24th April 2017]

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