Thursday, April 13, 2017


1. Trump attacks North Korea;
2. North Korea attacks South Korea AND USS Japan in different ways;
3. as the ally of South Korea and USS Japan Trump mini-nukes North Korea;
4. China then protests and asks US Navy to get the hell out of the seas off China;
5. Trumps says, "How 'bout no!";
6. (conventional then nuclear ) war between China and USA in the South China Sea like Bannon wants/predicts.

Would you want Bannon around then?

But then again, if Bannon goes and this doesn't happen then it'll be war on Iran driven by Mossad's Kushner.

So take your pick: nuclear war with China; nuclear war with Russia and China over Iran.

Are you now beginning to see why those missileers wrote an open letter stating their belief that Trump, as unstable and prone to rash decisions (e.g. Syria), should not be Prez and have the nuclear codes?


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