Friday, April 28, 2017


This says a lot, considering Infowars was not on trial.

We should see Jones moderate his behaviour significantly.

And I didn't even tell Kelly about him being a perrrverrt.

After nine hours of deliberation, a Travis County jury in the Alex Jones-Kelly Jones child custody trial gave Kelly Jones a great victory, awarding her joint custody with the right to have their three children make their primary residence with her instead of her husband for the first time since their 2015 divorce.

Alex Jones will share joint custody, which means that he will have visitation rights, but Kelly Jones and her lawyers want to begin the new arrangement with a period of time in which the children live exclusively with her while they adjust to the new situation, followed by increased visitation with their father.

She also wants the family involved in a program for undoing parental alienation, the phenomenon in which one parent turns the children against anothe parent, which she and her lawyers argued was what happened to her when the children began living with her husband. She said during the trial she is thinking of writing a book about.

“I am so grateful to God that he has kept me and my family strong through this,” Kelly Jones said after the verdict. “I just pray that from what’s happend with my family people can really understand what parental alienation syndrome is and get an awareness of it and we can stop this from happening in the future.”

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