Sunday, April 30, 2017


The abominable way in which America (when it was once allegedly great according to Bomber Trump and Alex Jones) treated the Marshall Islanders and their islands is clearly shown in John Pilger's documentary The Coming War on China.

The Marshall Islands was the test site for many of America's WMDs (nuclear, hydrogen) and the Marshall Islanders used as guinea pigs for American 'scientists' to study the mass effects of radiation from a nuclear bomb on the human body and the environment (as if Hiroshima and Nagasaki were not enough evidence).

But it's not just that. Since that time when America was allegedly 'great' blowing up nuclear bombs and using people as lab animals, America has built a missile site there which dominates the Pacific Ocean. The American military personnel there live a life of luxury while the Marshall Islanders do all the menial work and live in squalor and their children show the effects of severe radiation poisoning.

If you want to know what America is then the Marshall Islands are the perfect example: they go in, treat the indigenous people like shit, strip and pollute the land, and live in luxury while the indigenous people do all the work but live in abject poverty.

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