Monday, April 17, 2017


The United States of America spends, or will be spending, well over $600 billion, repeat BILLION, every year on its military.

The next largest annual military budget is that of China, at a mere $150 billion.

So guess who has hundreds of military bases all over the world?

Yep. The USA. The US has 113 bases in USS Japan alone!

And guess who has just one foreign military base, which is still under contruction?

Yep. China.

We don't need a bigger and stronger US military controlled by Trump, particularly after he did this:
1. in 2013 urged Obomber scores of times not to bomb Syria;
2. but surrounded by globalist advisers (who he hand-picked), at the first chance he got he bombed Syria, killing Syrian Arab Army soldiers and several civilians in nearby villages;
3. and then, get this, says that what he did Obomber should have done years ago!!

And when you add that to the open letter which was written by several former missileers, who launch nuclear missiles under orders from the President, in which they declare their grave concerns over the mental health and stability of Trump, then we have got something dangerous and untrustworthy in the Oval Office.

Trump does have a choice. And at the moment he is taking the wrong one.

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