Monday, April 24, 2017


Look at who Trump gets advice from:
1. Rupert Murdoch (Bilderberg, CFR);
2. Newt "Mr New World Order" Gingrich (Bilderberg, CFR);
3. Robert Kraft (CFR);
4. Stephen Schwarzman (CFR, Skull and Bones).

But I'm sure someone said that it was all gonna be diff'rent under Trump...

The media mogul Rupert Murdoch is on the phone every week, encouraging Mr. Trump when he’s low and arguing that he focus on the economy rather than detouring to other issues.

...The president’s relationship with Mr. Murdoch is deeper and more enduring than most in his life, and the two commiserate and plot strategy in their phone calls, according to people close to both.

...The former House speaker [Gingrich] talks more with Mr. Trump’s top advisers than he does with the president, but his presence permeates the administration. Mr. Gingrich’s former spokesman is at the State Department, and two former advisers work in the West Wing. Mr. Gingrich has relentlessly promoted Mr. Trump’s policy adviser, Stephen Miller, as the West Wing conservative ballast as the chief strategist, Stephen K. Bannon, has been under fire.

[source : Trump Reaches Beyond West Wing for Counsel, New York Times,,22nd April 2017]

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