Saturday, April 29, 2017


Ron Paul.

Paul Craig Roberts.



Jeff Rense.

Ann Coulter.

A hell of a lot more either supported Trump or were prepared to give him a chance.

But it now appears most of them have turned on Trump.

And that is his fault.

Just check out Bomber Trump's supporters: Newt "Mr New World Order" Gingrich, John Bolton, Rupert Murdoch, even Wolfowitz recently bought a ticket for the Trump Train, and I'm gonna add to this gang of warmongers Henry Kissinger (because Trump has "tremendous respect" for Kissinger, Kissinger is advising Trump (and Kushner), and Kissinger is not overtly criticising Trump but is encouraging the globalists to give Trump a chance).

Bomber Trump has reneged on his foreign affairs policies of his election campaign (and other policies) and is now simply a rightist imposing US hegemony as the world's cop, just like a neocon of yore.

And Trump has actually demanded a ride with the Queen in her gold carriage on his visit to the UK this summer!

After all the times that Infoperv Alex Jones has slagged her off!!

I still can't understand why Bomber Trump is so eager to get involved in a fight with North Korea unless it is simply to find an excuse to send more US military to the coast off China and continue Obama's Pivot to Asia to contain China.

Bomber Trump would gain my support if he:
1. implemented a Glass-Steagall-esque act;
2. stopped all the global bombing and regime change agenda;
3. invested in nuclear fusion not fracking;
4. arrested Kissinger and all the other globalist criminals instead of seeking their advice or appointing them.

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