Monday, May 15, 2017


Bomber Trump is about to sell Saudi Arabia over $100 billion in weapons.

And yes, that is the same Saudi Arabia he acknowledged played a significant role in 9/11.

And yes, that is the same Saudi Arabia who unleashed international cutthroat Jihadis onto Libya, Syria and Iraq, and who just recently began to target Iran.

And Bomber Trump is about to tour the Middle East to forge an alliance against Iran (who played no role whatosever in 9/11).

Trump. Making Wahhabism great again.

Because he is the Continuity-of-Agenda President.

Targeting Iran.

Targeting China (that's why he surprised everyone with this fuss over North Korea: several carrier strike groups either stationed or on their way to the seas off China; and the THAAD missile system plonked in South Korea, much to the anger of many South Koreans).

It doesn't matter if there is a red or a blue in the White House. There is a global agenda and whoever is the White House will continue that agenda.

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