Tuesday, June 07, 2016


First, only 3 Muslims, all from Turkey. Muslims rule the world? Really?

Second, most attendees are white, male, non-Muslim.

Third, two mayors from major Northern mainland Europe ports, Le Havre and Rotterdam, and a Deputy Mayor from Amsterdam. I don't recall seeing a Mayor of anywhere attend before. But this could be to do with immigration, legal or otherwise, to the UK.

Fourth, there seems to be less of the big fish this year. Kissinger, King of Netherlands, KKR crowd, Wallenberg, Elkan, Dopfner, Barosso, Agius, Wolf are there. Medium Bilderbergers like Niall Ferguson and General Breedlove. But lacking in heavyweights, particularly from the USA.

But I like to look at the new ones from obscure backgrounds.

Take this guy, Yoshua Bengio. He is Professor of machine learning, i.e. AI.

And this guy, Demis Hassabis, also into machine learning.

And this woman, Emmanuelle Charpentier, Director, Max Planck Institute for Infection Biology. Sounds ominous, as if they're interested in epidemics?

Heather Reisman keeps cropping up now and again, but can't see why.

Seems a weak meeting to me, possibly be due to the exposed location in the middle of a major city in a major European country.

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