Tuesday, June 07, 2016


Someone who only joined Blogger this month responded to a post twice overnight. That post was WHAT DOES NATO STAND FOR? which was posted 0n 28th December 2010, i.e. 5 1/2 years ago.

The response was bizarre:

Whoever wrote that NATO acronym I say to you if you had a clue you would be dangerous! Granted they are top secret things and stuff going on that as regular citizens would blow our minds but not what you say exclamation point so as you sit down tonight and eat dinner and look across the table at your kids or your wife or your girlfriend or your mother and you have pleasant conversation as you're relaxing in your home tonight watching TV safely you need to thank the men who have protected you and your country just like the men in NATO! Because if Bin Laden or Al-Qaeda had their way you would not be sitting in front of your TV tonight relaxing you would not be eating dinner with your family and you would not be able to get up and go to work tomorrow or if you don't work and you're a lazy bum he would not be able to collect your welfare and that money comes from the taxes that employees have taken out of their paychecks such as military guys like in NATO jackass

The following IP addresses visited that page overnight:, Lehigh Acres, Florida, Minneapolis, Minnesota, Fort Lauderdale, Florida (direct), Hanoi, Vietnam, Reading, Pennsylvania, Fremont, California, Newport Beach, California

But something strange happened yesterday.

I spent quite some time thinking of something yesterday, something that I had posted about. So what happened yesterday AFTER I had done that thinking? Someone had visited that post. So what, you may ask.

The location of whoever visited was given as Huntersville, North Carolina. Sometimes the locations are not quite right and can be tens and very occasionally hundreds of Kms off. But I was suspicious enough that I looked for US military bases in North Carolina. One is Fort Bragg. And what unit is based there? The U.S. Army John F. Kennedy Special Warfare Center and School, which specialises in Psychological Operations. Fort Bragg is about 140 Km from Huntersville, which in my view provides a possible link, due to reasonable proximity and possible error in location of the reader.

The IP given is

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